Voice meets Piano

Tom Robin and Marijan

It happened at midnight in the Red Lounge of a luxury liner in spring 2006: After one of his gigs, Tom Robin and his band members wanted to have a drink at the bar. It was a relaxed atmosphere and some guests recognized the singer and asked him to play some songs. So Tom sat down at the piano and played some of his favourite hits. Then Marijan, the pianist of the band took over the piano and Tom enchanted his audience with every single song. Nobody in this bar wanted to go to bed and this night marks the birth of VOICE MEETS PIANO, which today is an inherent part of his musical repertoire.

Tom Robin und Marijan

Without too much technical equipment, only with a piano, a microphone and of course with a lot of skill and charisma, Tom Robin and Marijan present songs of outstanding quality. Since many years, Tom Robin is a live musicians in great demand. As a professional singer, the likable musician from Baden is at home on the stages all over Germany. And also on international stages and on luxury liners, the musical globetrotter fascinates and delights his audiences. Tom is able to perform in six languages and many TV- and radio appearances confirm that he is on the right track with his musical career. On the piano, it is Marijan Cacic showing his musical brilliance. He is an exceptionally skilled pianist and a professional musician, who played together with many great musicians and stars. These two thoroughbred musician perform international hits of famous colleagues and they swing, and rock and sing the Blues and take you on a musical journey from the 50s up until today.

This musical journey around the world takes approx. 2,5 hours and is divided into two sets. Whether it takes place in a Kurhaus, a bar, at an anniversary celebration or other festivities – Tom Robin and his VOICE meets PIANO show is always a great choice. As you know: You can return your presents but you cannot restart your event.